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The joys of owning art

The joys of owning art

Hi all! I've been thinking a lot about art and why having it in our lives is so wonderful and amazing. So today I want to share with you what I think are:

7 Benefits to Owning Original Art!

1. The feeling it gives you when you purchase an original piece of work. There can be a sense of well being, happiness. For some people the pleasure of searching and owning artwork might even become an addiction! (sometimes I feel that way!)
2. Art can enhance your room, your home aesthetically.  Paintings and sculpture can ground your interior and exterior space by providing a focal point.
3. The love of the particular piece and the joy it gives you just by looking at it day to day.
4. You are supporting an artist, financially and psychologically, giving them the opportunity to continue creating by your purchase. Of course the money is very important, but the knowledge that someone loved their work enough to want to own it can help them get up the next morning and continue to produce their perceptions two dimensionally and/or three dimensionally.
5. Orignal artwork is one-of-a-kind - no one else will ever own that particular piece that you have chosen to display in your home. You get to enjoy something everyday and share something with your family and friends that no one else ever can.
6. The fact that the item is handmade can bring another dimension to your living space.  The human quality inherent to the work adds depth and a richness.
7. Artwork can make your house feel like home and may add an element of refreshment and contemplation to your living space.

So, these are my thoughts... do you have any thoughts to share? We'd love to hear them in the comments below!

Yours in artful happiness,

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