About us

Caravansérail is a French and English bookshop, gallery and event space in Shoreditch, London. Founded by Laura and Anne, Caravansérail is a home for hybrid cultures, which aims at fostering communication between literature and the arts and providing a warm, welcoming space for readers and art lovers to relax, reflect and interact.

We stock a large range of titles in French from classics to contemporary fiction to graphic novels and children's books. We offer learning material for non-natives and are always happy to give you personal recommendations on which novels to read whatever your level.

In our English section, you will find a carefully-curated selection of French, European and international literature translated into English, graphic novels and children's books. We also display a selection of our favourite new releases. 

Our gallery space hosts one exhibition per month, with a preview of the new exhibition on the first Thursday of each month organised in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery. We are devoted to providing a platform for emerging artists, with a focus on drawing and photography.

We host cultural events on a regular basis, from book launches to intimate concerts to 'meet the artist' evenings. We also have a regular programme of events that always take place on the same day of each month: spoken word evenings on the first Tuesday, art exhibition openings on the first Thursday and 'The Art of Translation' discussions on the second Wednesday.


What is a caravansérail?

A caravansérail ('caravanserai' in English) is a roadside inn where merchants and nomads used to stop and spend the night; it's a place of hospitality that enabled exchanges in culture, information and trade. This is the definition of what we want to create with Caravansérail: a place to rest, discover and interact for our neighbourhood and those traveling through it.