Skimmed plant milk “Mylk”.

Original recipe skimmed milk suitable for vegans as it’s made from plants and doesn’t contain organic products from animals.

Original “Mylk” Vegan skimmed milk.Recipe for 15 herbal milks and it doesn’t taste like milk? Here is the one which does!
A mixture of plants, tastes like milk available in half skimmed and full, like its daily milk counterpart.
How are we really doing it so milky? We use Coconut cream for creaminess, brown rice for sweetness, cashew nut for earthiness, Himalayan savory.
Salt and Nutritional Fatty Yeast, never compromised by the rebels: no diary milk.
No Gluten or umulsifiers. No stabilizers! Ethical and sustainable: ‘Mylk’ is 100% carbon neutral, accredited organic and glyphosate free.
In addition, 1% of the sales of each commodity sold will go to regenerative agriculture of the environment and by 1% to Planet Earth our home! A better business model created by the ‘Rebel Kitchen’ has
the highest levels of social and environmental efficiency, accountability and transparency possible.