Dried cranberries with added sugar

Dried Sweetened Cranberries without synthethic preservatives. Perfect for baking or as suplement! Grown in USA.


Cranberries is sometimes called superfood. People will eat it as a sauce or as a juice. They can also be added to food, pots, or dessert, and is also very nutritious. In North America Cranberries are native. They are presently planted over about 60,000 acres of land in north America, Canada and other countries.

Because of its high nutrient and antioxidant content, many people consider cranberry to be superfood.

Even so, research has linked nutrients in cranberries to lower risks of UTI, cancer prevention, enhanced immune function and lower blood pressure.
In fact, cranberries offer a number of health advantages. They are a healthy source of different antioxidants and vitamins.

The Americans have traditionally used cranberries to cure bladder and renal disease, while Early explorers from England have used cranberries to treat bad appetite, stomach conditions, blood disorders, and scurvy.

Some research suggests that cranberry polyphenols could reduce the risk of heart disease (CVD).

A systematic analysis in 2019 revealed that supplementing dietary cranberries can help a person control multiple CVD risk factors. This involve systematic blood pressure that is blood pressure as the heart muscle contracts.

The study also showed that supplementation with cranberry led to the reduction of the BMI and to raise the lipoprotein or “healthy,” high density levels (HDL). A 2016 analysis of 34 preclinical experiments showed that in test tubes cranberries or compounds have some positive effects on cancer cells.

Cranberry is an important aspect of a Thanksgiving in America, but this fruit can be enjoyed in many other ways during the year!