3 Pcs. of organic garlic, 250g.

Net weight 250gr. Can be kept in shelf for 12 months in dry place without direct sunlight contact. Please count back packing date for storing, we will send latest date made products for better shelf life span possible.

High quality organic garlic.

Organic black garlic is sweet and tasty, a great combination of sweetness like molasses and a spicy undertone of
All-natural garlic, high in antioxidants, aged black garlic, can be eaten raw as it fermented or used in your favorite food.
This black garlic was being fermented naturally during 120 days naturally, without any additives using richer nutrients, where it develops its own darker colour, texture and sweeter taste. This healthy snack that can be ready to eat or made into a sauce with your dishes, good tasting, easy to peel, organic fermented black garlic. The taste is not dominant, and the individual cloves are soft and easy to spread. Thanks to Maillard’s magical reaction, black garlic not only retains the beneficial micro-elements of raw garlic, but also eliminates the annoying taste of garlic.
Black garlic is a healthy snack that can be prepared for eating or become a sauce if needed.
Black garlic eliminates fatigue, improve physical strength, resolve constipation, protects the liver and improves prostate activity, sleep quality and other functions.
The texture of black garlic is soft it’s not suitable for vacuum packing which is very tight, otherwise you’re going to squeeze product.
Once opened, keep garlic in a cool and dry place without direct sunlight contact.