Organic dried mango slices

Besides being sumptuous, pulpy and amazing, mangoes also offer a range of health benefits. Mangoes were first cultivated around 25-30 million years ago in north – eastern India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Often regarded as the King of fruit, mangoes have taken their own prized place in India’s history and connections with the world. It’s one of the few fruits to be found in the Hindu holy scriptures. With such a delicious past, mangoes are one of the most famous fruits in the world. Besides being sumptuous, pulpy and incredibly delicious , mangoes provide a variety of health benefits, mangoes can also make digestion more safe. According to published studies, mangoes contain enzymes that aid protein breakdown and digestion, as well as fibres that ensure an efficient functional digestive tract. Dietary fibre decreases the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes. Green mangoes contain more fibre and pectin than ripe mangoes. Flesh of mango contains prebiotic dietary fibre, which helps to feed good intestinal bacteria. A poor gut is harmful to a healthy state. Leaky gut contributes to skin disorders, such as IBS, asthma, sluggish metabolism, and other health problems, aside from poor digestion. It is surprising to find that a typical mango consumption provides up to two-thirds of the required daily intake of vitamin C. The strong antioxidant helps to improve immunity and prevent from cold or flu. The use of mangoes in your diet will also add to your eye protection. Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene that lead to vitamin A production. The strong antioxidant leads to better vision, improves eye protection overall and also reduces macular vision degeneration associated with age. Mangoes can also help to control the cholesterol levels. The high fibre pectin concentrations will help lower the low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol) that causes vessel plaques and prevents blood flow. Skin healthy vitamin C and vitamin A are filled with mangoes, all of which are important for skin recovery and skin repair. Mangoes, consumed moderately, often exfoliate and clear dead pores. Mangoes can also help with weight loss when consumed in moderation. The mango skin’s phytochemicals serve as natural fat busters. The flesh of the mango is made of dietary fibre. Fibers generate a sense of satiety. When you eat high-fibre fruits or vegetables, you stay satisfied for a longer time being not hungry.