Spicy seasoned sausages (oganic)

Pork meat, organic Calabrian pepper cream (3 percent), salt, dextrose, sucrose, flavours, spices, antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid.
Spicy seasoned sausages 2 x vacuum packs are equivalent to about 700 gr. Pure pork sausage, obtained from the chopped shoulder,
Bacon and Calabrian pepper, stuffed into the natural gut and seasoned for about 45 days. Vacuum-packed with expiration date within 6 months after seasoning. Processing is carried out with meat from licensed farms in Calabria, please stored in a
a cold and dry environment. After opening consume in 4-5 days.

Nutrition values 100 gr. of product:

ENERGY: 431 Kcal.

FAT: 35.3 g of which saturates 12.3 g


PROTEIN: 27.3 g

SALT: 4.3 g

SUGAR : 0 gr.

Perfect ingredient for various meals, can be used for different dishes like appetizers, pizza, cakes, salads or sandwiches.
Sausages is made using traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation.
TOTAL GUARANTEE: we offer 100% guarantee of the quality of our product. As a GIFT, you will receive a small wooden cutting board!

Free from gluten and lactose, dye free.

The company establishes a detailed control of product quality and cleanliness of the working environment!